Become a mentor

BRIDGE has been extended with a new grant from NNF called BRIDGE III with for more calls for applicants. The first call has deadline 28 February 2024. As a BRIDGE Mentor, you have a unique opportunity to start or consolidate a collaboration between a basic biomedical and a clinical research or life science industry environments. Recruitment of an excellent BRIDGE Fellow allows you to bridge or create a translational environment. A BRIDGE Fellowship covers the salary of a postdoc for two years in addition to an annum of 40.000 DKK to cover publication costs, conference fees, IT equipment etc. The mentor team covers the running costs of the research project.

During the initial dialogue with a postdoc candidate, you should align all parties' expectations concerning availability and support, frequency and format of meetings, and the degree of feedback and support offered. You should also consider how to create an optimistic atmosphere that inspires the fellow, how to celebrate success, guide on career trajectories and utilise the knowledge deriving from the BRIDGE Academic Curriculum. 

As a BRIDGE Mentor, you will become part of a translational ecosystem, and expand your network through events like Boot Camp, academic afternoons and BRIDGE Alumni events. 

Mentor criteria, qualifications and commitments






Become a mentor

Method #1: Become a mentor with a predefined postdoc in mind

If you have a postdoc candidate in mind for your future BRIDGE collaboration, focus on developing the BRIDGE application together with your postdoc candidate and submit your application by the application deadline.

Include CVs for all mentors using our templates. As mentors, you will cover the running costs of the project. Please fill out a budget for the project using our template. The budget should be signed by the Head of Department/Centre of all mentors. 

    Please note, we strongly encourage the mentor teams to get a preapproval of the mentor constellation in due time before call closure. This is to secure that the mentor team will be accepted. Send an email including the mentors' CVs to ask for a preapproval.

    Participation of a mentor from the life science industry is highly encouraged, if relevant.

    Method #2: Become a mentor without a predefined postdoc in mind

    If you do not have a predefined postdoc candidate in mind, you can register your mentor team as an "open mentor team". Your open mentor team and project will be published on our webpage from 15 December to attract candidates for the project. Potential candidates will reach out to you by email and you will apply together before the application deadline 28 February. In case of interest from multiple postdoc candidates, the mentor team decides which candidate to apply with.

    To become an open mentor team, you have to register with at least one other mentor and fullfil the requirements for a mentor team (see mentor qualifications above). 

    To register your open mentor team, fill out a project synopsis and all mentors' CVs using our two templates and submit to by 30 November.

    Participation of a mentor from the life science industry is highly encouraged, if relevant.