Organisational structure

BRIDGE is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is currently running on the second grant period (BRIDGE II). BRIDGE is hosted at the Research & Innovation Office at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND) and refers directly to the Dean. The Programme Management consists of Programme Chair Peter Garred and Co-Chair Marianne Benn, who are both Clinical Professors at the SUND Department of Clinical Medicine and Senior Consultants at Rigshospitalet. The BRIDGE Secretariat is comprised by a Programme Manager, a Programme Coordinator and a Course Coordinator and is based at SUND Research and Innovation Office.

 The International Advisory Board (IAB) evaluates the strategy and progress of BRIDGE. The Executive Scientific Committee (ESC) assesses, selects, and monitors the BRIDGE Fellows, along with the mentors and translational research projects to ensure a high standard of excellence. The Executive Educational Committee (EEC) closely monitors the BRIDGE Academic Curriculum executed by the course directors.  

Governance and organsational structure of BRIDGE