Your translational research project

The foundation of your BRIDGE Fellowship is your individual research project. You will work on your research project both during your participation in the educational activities and while you conduct research at your mentor's laboratories. You will dedicate 80% of your time as a BRIDGE Fellow to your individual research project.

About your research project

Your research project must cover the early translational stages T₀ (Disease modelling, Omics studies, Basic Research) to T₁ (Biomarker discovery, Target development, Preclinical development) and should bridge a basic biomedical research environment and a clinical research environment and/or life science industry environment, making the research project interdisciplinary in its nature. The project may also cover early T2 (First in human, phase 1 clinical trials, phase 2 clinical trials, phase 2b clinical trials), but this is not a requirement. 

Your project must be at postdoctoral level, should address a relevant medical challenge and should be ambitious, yet feasible, within the timeframe of two years working 80% on the project. Your research project must be developed in collaboration with your mentor team and is an important part of the recruitment process to become a BRIDGE Fellow.

While solving the relevant research question posed in your research project, you will be trained in: 

  • Disciplines specific to your research project and relevant to translational medicine
  • Managing the essential collaboration between the disciplines in translational medicine

The mentor team guarantees running costs, access to the necessary research facilities, infrastructure and technical staff. The Mentor Team will also support you with your research and future career goals. 

Translational process