28 June 2019

New Chance to Become a Translational Bridge-Builder

‘If you are interested in the translational process, BRIDGE is the programme for you’, says one of the fellows in the University of Copenhagen’s new postdoctoral fellowship programme. In BRIDGE, 11 fellows and their 22 mentors build bridges between biomedical research, hospitals and the life science industry. BRIDGE is looking for new fellows and mentors this fall. 

Hear three of the current BRIDGE fellows and a mentor describe what it has been like to be part of the first group of the translational excellence programme at The University of Copenhagen.

The BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme is again looking for mentor teams who want to combine their research and perspectives from the clinical and academic world, and develop a two-year research project together with a young researcher.

Information meeting at Panum, Copenhagen on 26 August 2019 from 16.00-18.00

In the upcoming call opening on September 2, BRIDGE offers 11 new postdoc positions for fellows who are interested in tapping into the translational eco-system and want to work with research in the clinical-academic cross-field.

Enthusiastic bridge builders

‘If you are interested in the translational process, then I think BRIDGE is the programme for you’, says Jonathan Thorsen, who is a trained medical doctor (PhD) and current fellow in the above video.

Translational competencies and the associated infrastructure are crucial to the ability of researchers and the healthcare system to develop better treatments, says Henriette Svarre Nielsen, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine at Rigshospitalet, Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen, and David Westergaard's BRIDGE mentor.

'From a scientific point of view, this approach is absolutely needed and essential to move a research field forward', she says in the video.

About BRIDGE and how to apply 

BRIDGE is a paid and full-time, two-year postdoctural excellence programme at SUND financed by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.  It is the vision of the programme to establish a translational network across research disciplines, hospitals and the life science industry.

Each fellow will have two mentors – a researcher from SUND and someone from the clinical environment at a hospital or from the life science industry. Fellows will spend 80 percent of their time on their research project and 20 percent of their time on a tailor-made translational academic curriculum.

See the Academic Curriculum ​
The mentors must contribute with guidance and provide an inspiring academic environment as well as pay the running costs for the research project. The salary of all fellows is paid by BRIDGE.

Interested mentors can apply from now until 11 October. The registered mentor teams will be published on the BRIDGE website from primo August. Interested fellows are then to contact relevant mentor teams to prepare a joint project description for the overall application for the programme. The call for fellows opens on 2 September 2019 and the programme’s second “class” of fellows and mentors will begin on 1 April 2020.

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