Become a fellow

BRIDGE fellows and mentors

The BRIDGE fellow is foremost an ambitious scientist who works on bridging the gaps between research and medical treatment. The successful BRIDGE fellow is also highly motivated to participate and engage in the courses in the Academic Curriculum, to network and cooperate with other BRIDGE fellows.

Participating in the BRIDGE programme will provide you with training and education in the translational field, and a clear career path within translational research. Especially for medical doctors, participation in the programme provides a gateway to a career within research.


You can apply for the programme if you have either a:

  • MD with a PhD or equivalent; specialist training is no hindrance to applying and medical training is appreciated
  • MSc candidate with a PhD should come from relevant disciplines such as veterinary science, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, pharmacy, dentistry and medical engineering

Formal conditions

As a PhD student you may apply, provided that you attach a declaration from your supervisor stating that your thesis will be submitted and defended prior to project commencement on 1 September 2023. If you are awarded a BRIDGE fellowship, but subsequently fail to graduate as PhD within this deadline, the fellowship will be annulled.

Your PhD must have been awarded less than 5 years before the application deadline of the fellowship. Documented periods of leave (parental leave, leave due to sickness and military service) can provide an extension to this time period upon documentation.

Due to Danish legislation, you are not eligible to apply for the BRIDGE programme if you have been employed in a postdoctoral position for more than two years at the University of Copenhagen prior to the commencement of the fellowship. 

Postdoc four-year rule (Danish legislation): Employment as a postdoc can take place for up to four years at each university in Denmark. I.e. you can be employed as a postdoc at KU for four years and then four years at, for example, Aarhus University, etc. Employment as a postdoc abroad does not count towards periods of employment at Danish universities. Four years as a postdoc at the same university is the maximum period, and you can not start over at the postdoc time at the same university, because you have been away from the university in question or worked abroad for a number of years.

Please find more information on the Executive Order on employment structure ('stillingsstuktur') for scientific staff at universities of 11 December 2019 here: and UCPH's overview of employment structure here