Academic curriculum

Academic curriculum and didactic activities will take up 20% of your time and will educate you in the field of translational science.

This is intended to improve you as a translational researcher and provide you with the knowledge to be able to lead research in translational medicine in the future.

Academic focus

The education will have an academic focus on the process of applying discoveries from basic biomedical research, from the laboratory and from preclinical studies, to the development of trials and studies in humans, ultimately leading to new therapies, thus covering the translational phases T₀- early T₂.

The academic curriculum also covers the reverse process of identifying the causative molecular mechanisms underlying clinical observations and basing further research on these observations.

Mandatory activities

The mandatory educational activities over a 2-year period consist of:

  • An initial 2-day ‘boot camp’ to kickstart the mentor-mentee relationship, to help with networking and to provide insights into research methodologies in translational research.
  • Bi-annual seminars organised by fellows in which the fellows will present their projects, data and results. High-profile international researchers will be invited to share their research and insights into translational medicine.
  • Mandatory courses. 15 courses distributed over the 2 year period, which amount to approximately 80 course days in total.

Read more about the content in the mandatory courses: